About Us

Members of the Ocean Learning Community on a research vessel field trip
Since 2002, the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) Network has grown to 12 thematic and regional Centers located around the United States. The overall mission is “to spark and nurture collaborations among research scientists and educators to advance ocean discovery and make known the vital role of the ocean in our lives.”

Although each Center is funded individually, the Network of Centers has established its own set of goals:

Fostering the integration of ocean research into high-quality educational materials
Enabling ocean researchers to gain a better understanding of educational organizations and pedagogy
Enhancing educators' capacity to deliver high-quality educational programs in the ocean sciences
Promoting a deeper understanding of the ocean and its influence on each person's quality of life and our national prosperity

In addition, the Network has developed a Strategic Business Plan (April 2005) that documents our Values & Vision:

Values - What We Stand For
We are passionate and tenacious about delivering quality results that matter to the world
We are strategic visionaries and catalysts for change
We are committed to the generation and dissemination of new knowledge
We recognize the value of diversity and the power of our collective work
We build effective partnerships to leverage greater outcomes than we could achieve alone
We foster information sharing and open communication
We embrace natural curiosity and inspire learning
We are creative, resourceful problem-solvers
We encourage risk-taking that leads to new ideas and novel solutions
Vision - Our Picture of the Ideal Future
The COSEE Network is a sustainable force…
The public values the ocean as an integral part of the Earth system
A vibrant and effective COSEE Network has expanded its partnerships and influence throughout the Nation
The COSEE Network is well-funded by multiple public and private institutions
Ocean scientists, ocean engineers, educators and public and private leaders have forged powerful partnerships to deliver relevant, exciting products and services that inspire and inform the public
Diverse people of all ages are learning about the ocean and pursuing careers in science
Science discoveries are contributing to effective ocean policy decisions as well as science education reform
We have internationally recognized spokespersons and exciting, ongoing media coverage about the ocean

COSEE…we are firing up the world's imagination!