Scientist - Educator Partnerships
Science-Educator partnerships
The common thread that runs throughout the entire COSEE Network is partnerships. The COSEE Network encourages, develops and maintains partnerships between ocean scientists and a range of communities, all focused on the outcome of enhanced ocean literacy. These partnerships are developed as models which may then be replicated throughout the Network and beyond. COSEE has published a "Guide for Scientists" that provides basic information for scientists who wish to engage in education and public outreach (EPO).

The COSEE Network excels at forming partnerships between ocean scientists and formal middle and high school teachers. The Ocean Science Education Institute (OSEI) from COSEE-New England and COSEE-Ocean Systems workshops are just two of many examples.

In addition, the COSEE Network has formed a diverse array of partnerships with an expanded range of audiences. Throughout the Network, programs encourage partnerships for ocean scientists:

With Citizen Scientists. COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities is developing a Learning Community comprised of members of volunteer groups and non-profit environmental education groups in both formal and informal education.

With Multicultural Audiences. COSEE-SouthEast focuses on Enhancing Diversity in the Ocean Sciences.

With Community Colleges. COSEE-Pacific Partnerships has numerous programs connecting faculty and students at community colleges with marine scientists.

With Underserved Populations. COSEE-Coastal Trends’ Mentoring Young Scientists (MYS) program is a year-long, out-of-school science enrichment program that engages underserved, high-achieving middle school students in science activities that are related to formal education standards.

With Online Forums. COSEE-NOW hosts numerous online forums for the community of ocean science researchers and educators.

With Graduate Students. A number of COSEE projects address graduate students, such as COSEE-California’s Communicating Ocean Sciences course and COSEE-Great Lakes' Tropical Marine Ecology Workshop.

With Online Educational Resources. Researchers working with COSEE-Great Lakes are providing online datasets for teachers to access in the classroom.

With Online Communities. The College of Exploration has collaborated with the COSEE Network to produce online forums and workshops, such as the upcoming Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence Review and the COSEE-West online Climate Change Workshop.

With Informal Science Education Institutions. A majority of COSEE centers have partnerships with informal science education institutions, such as Liberty Science Center, Birch Aquarium, and Alaska SeaLife Center . COSEE-Central Gulf of Mexico’s new partner is the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. A two-day workshop is scheduled there for January 2009.

With Inland Audiences. A new collaboration between COSEE-West and the University of Colorado seeks to bring ocean sciences education to inland audiences, making it personally relevant to their lives and increasing ocean literacy.

With Business Leaders. COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities’ new partnership with Ocean Inquiry Project includes business leaders as a target audience.