Call for Vision Papers

We invite everyone in the ocean sciences and education community who is interested in the future of the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) Network to help plan the Network’s future.

NSF is sponsoring a COSEE Community Meeting in Washington, DC, November 3-4, 2010. The purpose of this meeting is to develop a community-based strategic vision for COSEE priorities, organizational structure, and operations for the next decade if NSF funding for COSEE is continued. This Community Meeting is an important step in NSF’s Decadal Review of the COSEE organization; the Decadal Review will assess past accomplishments of COSEE, its role in the overall landscape of ocean sciences education activities, and its strategic vision for capitalizing on emerging opportunities in ocean sciences education.

In advance of the Community Meeting, we are soliciting Vision Papers to be used to shape the agenda for the workshop and future priorities, organizational structure, and operations for COSEE.

The National COSEE Network is comprised of a Central Coordinating Office and 12 Centers located around the country. Each Center is a consortium of one or more ocean science research institutions, informal science education organizations, and formal education entities. Some Centers primarily serve specific regions, while others are thematic and focus their efforts on an area of ocean science, applying them on a national scale (see www.cosee.net).

Vision Papers may address any topic of relevance to the future of ocean sciences education and the National COSEE Network, although we particularly seek papers that outline broad, high-priority, and novel questions, objectives or activities that engage scientists and educators in transforming ocean sciences education. Recommendations for integrating current ocean sciences research into K-16 education activities and materials, actively engaging ocean scientists in the education process, bringing the nature of science to educators, presenting the ocean in an Earth systems perspective, and engaging informal and formal education and public audiences in the ocean sciences enterprise are also welcome, as well as papers on how the COSEE program can advance the broader impact needs of the ocean sciences research community.

Vision Papers should be clear, concise, and of general interest, rather than advocacy statements for specific programs or locations.


Vision Papers submitted by teams are preferred to ensure broader consensus, although individual submissions are also welcomed; author(s) can contribute more than one Vision Paper.
Workshop attendance is not required for Vision Paper consideration.
Workshop invitations are not tied to Vision Paper submissions.
Vision Papers are limited to two pages of single-spaced text; include the title, authors, affiliations, and e-mail contact information as a header for each submission.

Vision Papers can be emailed to cosee@gso.uri.edu and are due July 1, 2010. More information on the Community Meeting will be available in May. For a copy of this document, click here (Word, 84 KB).