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Red Tide and Harmful Algal Blooms
Category: For Educators
Resource Type: PDF
Date Posted: 09/20/2011

Researchers at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Florida
Marine Research Institute (FMRI) are on the edge of scientific discovery. They
are working to discover the mysteries of Karenia brevis (K. brevis), the
dinoflagellate responsible for many of Florida’s red tides. Their work is focusing on the life
cycle of this troublesome alga and better ways of tracking its blooms. They are
also working in collaboration with a consortium of agencies to more quickly
identify toxicity in shellfish and thus shorten the time that aquacultural businesses
need to be closed for public health purposes.

These activities were made available by Project Oceanography in the Spring of 2001. Note: Karenia brevis (K. brevis) is the more current scientific name of the organism referred to in the attached worksheet- Gymnodinium breve.

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